Crazy about You


17 jun 2018

We're strill breeding ragdolls, but our male Ramzes doesn't know how it works. So we're waiting and waiting and waiting until he's knows.


26 march 2017

At 16th of march Marie, Brownie, Lillyfee and Happy are scanned al clear (negative) for HCM/PKD/CIN.

Furthermore we saw some kittens in Happy and Marie. We are trilled that both of them are pregnant.


20 feb 2017

At cdaugther, named Julia. For now we're enjoying her to get bigger and bigger.

2017 is going to be a busy year for us. We've planned 4 litters and that's a lot for us (normally we've only have 2 litters a year).

At this moment Marie in love with Brownie and if everything goes allright then we expect kittens around 20th april.



04 aug 2016

Happy only got one female. For now this little bundle of joy will stay with us. Next year we'll repeat this mating again.

Furthermore we don't expect any kittens this year. We're expecting a human little one and that will be our main priority.


06 jun 2016

Finally we expect kittens. Happy has been mated with Eddy and she's dued begin july. Furthermore our male Brownie has mated with Marie (Ragissa Wilia). We hope that he managed it this time and then we expect a second litter begin august.


After that we take a break. Around december 2016 we'll expect a second child. A little brother or sister to our daugther Tessa.


28 mrt 2016

Last week we lost our beloved first ragdoll Anastacia. She was great. We're missing her an awful lot.



Wow a new year with new chances. A lot of plans and choices to make.

Casper is neutered and now living as a spoiled pet with a perfect family. Brownie is getting more hormonal again and we can't wait until we've got kittens.



s A lot of things have happened. Sassy has been neutered due to an uterus infection. She now lives with Deborah. Indigo is also neutered en still lives with us :). All of Marie her kittens have found a new home.

Stricia died; so quickly and fast. We miss her an awful lot



Marie is pregnant from Casper. She expects her kittens around 26 april.

Sassy has also been mated to Casper. We still don't know if she's pregnant.



Marie and Casper have had a very romantic date. If everything goes allright then we expect kittens around 26 february.



At the moment I'm changing the website. It takes quite some time, but hopefully I'll manage it.

We've taken some hard decisions; neutered our beloved Caprice, give Brownie a suprelorin chip. But at the moment we're looking to the future with lots of plans.